No pump calibration necessary
Significantly fewer inventory discrepancies
Accurate dosing of Low Dosages
No pump priming required

The most obvious difference between the iMeasure dispenser and other methadone pumps is how the dosage is being measured. iMeasure dispenses based on weight, whereas most systems dispense by volume. Dispensing by weight means  significantly reduces inventory discrepancies, reduces frequency of  calibrations , and eliminates issues related to air bubble being present in your tubing.

iMeasure requires no priming of the pump, which eliminates waste and saves time. You can immediately start your first patient dosing, even if the dispensing tube was empty. By eliminating sources of dispensing discrepancies, iMeasure reduces the need to complete labor intensive documentation to reconcile your dispensing records, which failure comply may place your clinic at risk if under regulatory scrutiny.

A PUMP With Next to No Maintenace

No Pump-Head Cleaning Necessary
No Pump Calibration Necessary
No Need To Send Pump To Manufacturer For Re-Calibration
Rapid Dispensing Speeds

iMeasure uses a peristaltic pump which means methadone never touches the pump. There is no need to clean the pump-head and re-calibration is not necessary.   Accurate dispensing low dosages (as low as 1 mg) of methadone require no pump re-calibrating.

iMeasure is one of the fastest methadone pumps on the market, dispensing 100 mg of methadone in less than 5 seconds. iMeasure does not require manufacturer re-calibrations or professional cleaning, which saves time, money and a lot of stress.


Reducing Risk Of Human Errors
No more Spillage Documentation
Secondary dose protected

We humans aren't perfect no matter how much we wish we are,  in life accidents happen no matter how simple the function and how careful we act. iMeasure integrates software and hardware technologies to create two major features to help us be more perfect and allow our nurses to work more efficiently with less worries.  

If the user accidentally forgets to place a cup onto the iMeasure scale, an alert will notify the user with an error message, reminding them to place a cup prior to dispensing. By doing so we not only prevents methadone waste, but we eliminate necessary documentation work and allow for a more transparent set of records.

If the user accidentally forgets to replace the cup after dispensing, iMeasure will alert the user, that a dose is already been delivered, thus preventing unintended secondary dosing into the same cup. We know such accidents are rare, but we believe responsible risk management is all about preventing the rarities from occurring.

These features can apply to any daily disposable cup, as well as any pre-dispensing cup used for take-homes, simply program in your cups weight.

A Flawless Bottle-Change-Experience

Free Choice Of Methadone Supplier
Zero Transfer Transfer Requirements
Use Of Complete Bottle Contents .

iMeasure’s bottle holder was designed to incorporate all methadone bottles on the market and be able to extract the entirety of the contents with a zero transfer requirements. This provides the benefits of eliminating work associated with transferring medication from one bottle to another during daily bottle changes. Because iMeasure handles methadone bottles from all manufacturers, clinics can change methadone suppliers at any time.

If the methadone bottle runs empty during the dispensing process, iMeasure will continue dispensing the remaining amount after the user has changed the bottle. Because there is no priming of the pump required, we are able to provide a flawless bottle-change-experience unmatched by any other on the market.


User Friendly Interface
Intuitive Controls
Visual Signals

Displayed on our LCD users can see the desired amount and the dispensed amount of methadone in real-time. Measurements are shown in mg to reduce calculation errors by the user.  The iMeasure dial-wheel navigation intuitively guides the user through the selection menu, which is useful for "manual" dispensing.

Integrated LED lights inform the user about the current dispensing status of the methadone. Even the Maintenance of iMeasure is handled by the intuitive user interface. In order to calibrate the scale, iMeasure informs the user exactly what weight to put on the scale and when. The complete process takes less than 3 minutes.


Stand-Alone And Integrated Solution
Flawless Interaction

iMeasure can be used manually as a stand-alone dispenser or integrated with your third-party software like Netalytics' Methasoft. The interaction between software and dispenser works just as flawlessly as manual dispensing does.